BMC POWER is a solution center that produces high added value in the journey from idea to final product in power and transmission systems. In this process, it works with a philosophy that emphasizes nationalization by making the most of the skills and infrastructures in our country, and transferring the knowledge and experience it has developed to critical stakeholders.

The fields of activity of our company include the engine, transmission (transmission), cooling package and control units that form the power and transmission systems for the commercial and defense sectors.

We carry out our work in the fields of activity by using our competencies in the stages from the project stage to the final product. Our main competencies are conceptual design, detail design, analysis, optimization, simulation, prototyping, testing, qualification and production.

In addition to the competencies in these fields of activity, our company has the competence in establishing the necessary knowledge and infrastructure for the localization of critical subsystems within its own organization or within the companies it cooperates with.

We use all kinds of innovative knowledge and approaches, engineering software and world-class information technology infrastructures in our processes in order to do these works effectively and efficiently.

BMC Power Engine Department is comprised of talented engineers of our country who are specialized in the design and development of internal combustion engine systems and carries out the improvement studies of the engines which are suitable for all the required applications, properly with the technical requirements needed. In the engine department, the main work is on the improvement of diesel-fuel piston engine systems. In addition, improvement studies of other fuel engines, hybrid systems, and electrification are carried out by BMC Power Engine Department. 

The Engine Department is capable of executing all the development phases of an internal combustion engine. Concept design, detail design, analytical lifespan verification, system and subsystem tests, performance analysis and optimization studies are carried out by the Engine Department

We are working to increase the recognition of BMC Power both in country and abroad by providing customer-driven, high-quality, fast and distinctive advanced transmission design engineering services by improving the competencies and interdependence of our BMC Power transmission team which comprised of dynamic engineers with very strong backgrounds who are open to change and development. We are an engineering team that works with very high performance and satisfaction, uses its knowledge and organization power in leading projects of defense and transportation sectors with very distinctive skills

BMC Power aims to ensure high-level performance and super-efficiency of diesel and hybrid engines, transmission and powerpacks which are developed with the mission of being domestic and national and production under the most challenging terrain and weather conditions. The Powerpack Department is responsible for the design of the cooling system, air filtration system and other subsystems as well as the powerpack and vehicle integration of engines and transmissions suitably with all technical requirements.

The Powerpack Department is also responsible for executing functional, performance and endurance tests and calibration improvement activities of commercial and terrain vehicle engines, transmissions and other powerpacks developed in BMC Power. Within this context, the Powerpack Department conducts joint studies with universities, central maintenance factories and research institutes as TUBITAK, etc.